Escaperuins magic tree

Magic Tree in Gnome Stronghold

-Currently there is 32 players with 125 woodcutting with Hamp2 in rank one with over 600m woodcutting experience.

The Woodcutting Skill is one of the Gathering Skills that features in EscapeRuins. Players use an axe to chop trees and recieve logs to use in either the Firemaking Skill or the Fletching Skill. Of course, players can also sell these logs to other players that have a need to use them for these same purposes.

Axes that you can buy in a shop:

  1. Bronze axe
  2. Mithril axe
  3. Rune axe

Best places to Woodcut are:

  1. tree's - at home
  2. oaks - at home
  3. willows - edgeville
  4. maples - camelot
  5. yews - edgeville or catherby
  6. magics - dual areana, or south camelot, or tree strong hold

all trees have more than 1 log to collect from them and they never vanish so it is constant on 1 of each tree.

Experience per tree

type of tree // exp per log // amount of logs to get from 1 - 99 (13.076.000 exp)

  1. tree - 750 exp per log - 17,435 logs to 99
  2. oak - 1125 exp per log - 11,624 logs to 99
  3. willow - 2025 exp per log - 6,458 logs to 99
  4. maple - 3000 exp per log - 4,359 logs to 99
  5. yew -
  6. magic -

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