General Graardor is currently the highest leveled monster in EscapeRuins. You can get to General Graardor via the red portal at Home. Once inside the God Wars caves, a killcount of 20 minions is required to reach General Graardor.


General Graardor is located in the God Wars caves. This is the only place in which he is located.

Drop ListEdit

Item Quantity Rarity Street Price
Ourgbonesgraardor Ourg Bones 1 Always ?
Bandos chestplate Bandos chestplate 1 Very Rare 19,000,000
Bandos tassets Bandos tassets 1 Very Rare 19,000,000
Bandos boots Bandos boots 1 Very Rare ?
Bandos Hilt Bandos hilt 1 Very Rare ?
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