Defence is a combat skill and one of the three major melee skills in Runescape, along with Attack and Strength. Your level in the defence skill determines which stages of armour you are allowed to equip, as well as reducing damage from both physical and magical sources.

Level1 Defence
Skill Defence
Minimum level for Highscores 40 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 99 113 as of 22nd June 2013
Players with 125 2 as of 22nd June 2013

Armour type Defence level Description
1117 Bronze 1 Bronze armour is the weakest armour in EscapeRuins.
1115 Iron 1 Iron armour protects better than Bronze armour, even though they both require the same Defence level to use.
1119 Steel 5 Steel armour protects better than Iron armour.
1121 Mithril 20 Mithril armour protects better than Steel armour.
1123 Adamant 30 Adamant armour protects better than Mithril armour.
1127 Rune 40 Rune armour protects better than Adamant armour.
Dragon chainbody Dragon 60 Dragon armour protects better than Rune armour. Dragon is also very rare to obtain.

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